Blowfish Studios will bring Crescent Moon Games’ 2.5D pixel-art platformer The Deer God to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Q1 of 2017.

The Deer God has already been downloaded 1.5 million times between the Xbox One, PC, and mobile releases that have preceded Sony’s release of the game. Graphically, the game is a charming mix of Sword & Sworcery pixelation and Paper Mario-like, 2.5D paralax. Your protagonist deer’s size relative to the impressive world and massive enemies around him brings to mind Ecco the Dolphin, although you venture elsewhere in this game; in the trailer, you’re seen to at one point run through a train.

The gameplay is roguelike, and the story plays into that. You start out a trophy-game hunter tracking animals, and are quickly killed on the hunt. The titular deer god reincarnates you as a deer, and you must survive in a procedurally-generated platformer. You feed to regain health, and if you survive enough days to mature and mate, you’re granted an extra life in the form of your offspring. There are interesting hints of further plot in the trailer; in one scene, the player passes an impressive statue of two bucks holding up a monolith.

If you have an Xbox One, PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android, you can check out The Deer God now. If you’d like to play it on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita, you only have a few months to wait.

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