In a tweet from the official Twitter for Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft has revealed that the 1.5 update: Survival launches tomorrow.

The 1.5 update introduces survival mode, where you must survive in the Dark Zone through a snowstorm until extraction can safely start. It’s described as a more hardcore experience with permanent death. The game mode handles up to 24 players in modified Manhattan, and the game mode is session based, lasting up to 2 hours. Players will be expected to find survival supplies, warm clothes, and equipment to survive through the challenge.

Also introduced is the new World Tier Bracket 5. Enemy NPCs will be level 34 and the maximum gear score will be raised to 256. named gear items have also been added, and they have their own unique talents. Named Gear items will be available through Survival Mode or in World Tier 5.

There are also multiple loot and weapon changes, including the fact that NPCs now drop crafting materials and the higher the World Tier, the higher the drop chances of nicer materials. Minor bug fixes, weapon changes, and skill changes are also going into effect, and can be read in depth in the official patch notes.

The Division’s 1.5 patch drops tomorrow, November 29th, and The Division is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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