If you have never played it for yourself, The Last of Us is a heartfelt and wonderful story, set in the form of a zombie apocalypse game. Tensions are high and emotions are running wild during the adventure our main characters go on in this title. While The Last of Us was remastered for the PlayStation 4, it seemed there is still room for this baby to grow even more beautiful.

Those who own The Last of Us Remastered on the PlayStation 4 might have noticed a new update for the game. This update added a few patches to add support for High Dynamic Range and the PlayStation 4 Pro. There is also an improvement to the stereo audio of the game. As many of you know, The PlayStation 4 Pro is an enhanced version of the original console that will be able to play games with High Dynamic Range and fantastic 4K.

The Last of Us is a wonderful game with brilliant characters that deserve the best to show every feeling they have throughout their journey. While the remastered version is gorgeous, any and all improvement could only help more players have a great experience with it.

When the PlayStation 4 Pro is released on November 10th, The Last of Us Remastered should be on everybody’s list of games to play.

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