CCP Games has announced that tickets are now on sale for EVE Fanfest 2017. This three day event allows fans of EVE Online to come together for convention exclusive reveals, tournaments, developer round tables, and a weekend full of parties and other activities. The developer put together a highlight reel of some of the things that fans of the game can expect from the convention.

The official site for EVE Fanfest also provides more information on the event. The post reads, “EVE Fanfest brings players and developers together for three incredible days in beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland. The greatest community event in gaming will celebrate CCP’s 20th anniversary with amazing presentations, exclusive reveals, tournaments, parties and player camaraderie. Treat yourself to the one-of-a-kind gathering, vacation and experience of EVE Fanfest.”

Tickets are still available for the event as well as deals for travel packages that include flights, hotel, and transportation during your stay at the event. Tickets include access to the convention as well as to the Party at The Top of the World and the Pub Crawl. Attendees will also receive a Fanfest goodie bag, whose contents will be reveal at a later date.

EVE Fanfest takes place on April 6th, 2017 and runs until the 8th.

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