Titanfall 2 is receiving a healthy stream of support from developer Respawn Entertainment, and the latest patch focuses on rebalancing.

We’ve already seen a patch aimed at improving Titanfall 2’s graphics (on a variety of PCs, at least), and the latest patch seeks to rebalance some of the exploits players have discovered with the wildly large number of combat options available to the game.

The update itself is vague about what it hopes to accomplish with each fix, but players can make educated guesses about what each “rebalance” does. Map Hack has been downgraded from constant tracking to periodic blips, with a developer apology for “frustration” caused by the perk; if one team all took Map Hack, they could essentially know where the other team was at all times.

Perhaps the biggest change is to Titans; both Legion and Tone have been “rebalanced”, although we can expect that to mean “nerfed”. Tone’s lock-on combo system is scary to face, and while Legion struggles against Pilots, it shreds through opposing Titans. They’re very popular and feared, meaning they will probably see nerfs with this patch.

Other than a couple fixes, the last rebalance was for Amped LMGs– likely, their damage output was too great. This patch may end up being a lot of nerfs with no buffs, but it’s good to see Respawn listening to their community.

Full patch notes are below:

Titanfall 2 Titans

Map Hack:

  • Rebalanced Map Hack so that player locations will now pulse instead of always on. We’ll continue to look into this boost and will modify it further if it continues to cause frustration.

Titan Balancing:

  • Rebalanced Legion.
  • Rebalanced Tone.

Pilot Changes:

  • Anti-Titan and Grenadier weapons once again restore ammo when embarking into your Titan.
  • Rebalanced Amped LMGs .

Last Titan Standing:

  • Fixed an issue with bad start spawns on Exoplanet.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing round 1 to start while people were still connecting.


  • Fixed an issue with camos that would result in players not being able to clear the “NEW” message.

Game Modes

  • You can now play Private Match Solo

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