Xbox has announced that Battlefield 1 will be free-to-play this weekend for Xbox Live Gold members. The title from EA and DICE is one of the biggest selling games of last year, and will now be available for players who do not already own a copy of the World War 1-set FPS to try for themselves at no extra cost.

Detailed on the official Xbox news page, the free event runs from 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST on Friday March 3rd until 11:59 pm PST/2:59 am EST on Sunday March 5th/Monday March 6th. The full game experience will be open to players, including all multiplayer modes, and the absorbing single-player mode known as War Stories.

During this time, Xbox is also holding a sale on digital copies of Battlefield 1. The Standard and Deluxe editions of the title will be discounted by 50%, and the Battlefield 1 Ultimate Edition, which contains the Deluxe edition as well as the Premium Pass, will be discounted by 40%. If you decide to purchase the game during the special offer, when the free weekend event closes, all your gamerscore and achievements earned during your foray into the Dawn of All-Out War will be yours to keep.

EA and DICE recently outlined all the upcoming DLC included as part of the Premium Pass, detailing the new locations and new forces to be at your disposal. The free weekend event and special discount period might just prove to be your best time to take the plunge into the heat of the “Great War.”

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