The Dawn of All Out War is the tag line of the engaging and impressive FPS Battlefield 1 from EA DICE. The developers have just issued a press release outlining all the expansions that will be forthcoming as part of the Season Pass for the title, and also included for owners of the Deluxe Edition of the game.

The four new expansions are all named and outlined as part of the statement from the developers. They cover many new areas of the globe, as well as bringing new forces and weapons into the conflict. Included as the first of the upcoming expansions, is the already revealed They Shall Not Pass DLC, which brings in the French forces and some iconic locations from the “Great War.” This is due some time this month, although no definite time frame has been revealed for any of the new content.

The other three DLC pieces for Season Pass and Deluxe Edition owners are:

  • In The Name of the Tsar- Taking the global conflict to the frozen Eastern front, and including the new force of the Russian army, this expansion will take players to Galicia as part of the Brusilov Offensive, force us to fight on a freezing archipelago at the skirmishes of Albion, and battle among the deep ravines of the Lupkow Pass.
  • Turning Tides- Including new amphibious offensives and a new vehicle, the Destroyer, the Turning Tides expansion will challenge players in land and sea combat, and include the Zeebrugge Raid and the infamous Gallipoli offensive which is already featured as part of the compelling War Stories mode of the title.
  • Apocalypse- Outlined as what most people will picture as classic World War 1 combat, the stalemate trench warfare of the Western Front. Millions of lives were lost in deadly and often fruitless battles that barely shifted the battle lines for years at a time. No locations are revealed for this expansion, but being described with the statement, “Go over the top in some of the most infamous battles of WW1” would suggest recreations of the needless loss of life seen at places such as the Somme and Ypres.

The revealing of these future expansions to the already hugely playable and atmospheric Battlefield 1 will no doubt tempt some players to spend that little bit more, in order sample for themselves these bloody and starkly accurate portrayals of one of human kinds most deadly wars. As time goes on and the real life memories of these conflicts fade into the history books, it is through the modern invention of video games that people of all ages can have (a much less harrowing) image of what the soldiers involved in the actual fighting must have faced. If with Battlefield 1, EA and DICE can keep the respect for the real heroes of this war to a maximum with their portrayal of World War 1, then that can only be seen as a positive.

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