Black Desert Online’s newest update is now live. This update gives both the Ninja and Kunoichi classes access to the final stage of their Awakening weapons.

The Ninja class’ deadly close-quarters combat skills are further enhanced with their new weapon, the Sura Katana. This weapon consists of a set of six blades capable of dealing extremely high amounts of damage.

The Kunoichi, who’s gameplay centers around deflecting the attacks of their enemies has access to the Sah Chakram. This new weapon adds new offensive capabilities to the class making it even more effective in combat. A video showing off these new weapons and abilities has been released on the game’s official Youtube channel. Both classes were introduced to the game earlier this year.

With the addition of these new Awakening weapons, both classes now have access to new abilities that will add to their precise yet deadly toolkit. Players will need to be able to switch weapons on the fly and quickly adapt to any situation they may encounter in order to take full advantage of the power that these new weapons and skills can offer.

The next update coming to Black Desert Online which will add the Awakening weapon to the game is scheduled to launch on December 20th.

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