Conan O’Brien’s given us some quality game reviews before, but this is the first he’s been “genuinely excited [for], at last”: Battlefield 1.

Conan’s Clueless Gamer segment has been one of the better glimpses into the world of video games for “non-gamers”, and for gamers its a hilarious look into how most people see the goofy things we take for granted. A great example: For Final Fantasy XV, which Conan played with Elijah Wood, left Conan baffled. Why did they have a full camp’s worth of equipment in their pockets? Why were they taking time to look at a princess’ dress? Why would any boss take 72 hours to beat? Why do I have to push this car?

Battlefield 1, however, doesn’t require these questions. Bringing on Terry Crews for support, Conan tears through enemy infantry. It’s a gritty, intense blast– although the game throwing birth- and death-dates onscreen every time a player-character dies is a good reminder of the historical weight of what you’re participating in. But that doesn’t mean Conan and Crews get too mopey about it; it’s hard to get mopey when shooting down zeppelins and petting bunnies. Watch below:

Battlefield 1 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC now.

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