Dishonored 2 has not been out for very long, but it has already received high praise for its gameplay, artistic design, and story. It even won Best Action/Adventure game at the Game Awards last week. Of course, we know that no game is perfect. Thankfully, in the height of technology we live in, they don’t have to be. Well, at least not on the initial release. Developers can still go back and fix some things up.

A new patch, 1.3 to be precise, has been released for the PC version of Dishonored 2. You can download it now on Steam. For the most part, the update seems to be fixing a lot of minor bugs in the title. Mouse speed not working correctly, UI objects rendered in the wrong places, and odd default settings. The overview is listed as such:

  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Added a setting to turn OFF Camera Motion Blur
  • Additional mouse improvements
  • Fixed various issues related to user interface
  • Fixed various issues related to the Option menu
  • Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors

For more details, you can see the full patch notes on Steam. Oddly, Bethesda discovered a problem with Dishonored 2 working on 375.70 and 375.86. It is being recommended that players upgrade to drivers 375.95 for the best performance.

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