Konami have released the update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 that allows 4K graphics through the PlayStation 4 Pro. This latest patch will let you enjoy the thrills and spills of soccer in the greatest detail yet. PES 2017 is already a beautifully rendered sports sim. With the advent of the PlayStation 4 Pro, coupled with the new upscaling the game has received, it will bring us even closer to what will look like real life coverage of your favorite soccer teams and superstars.

The new update has also brought the start of the new PES League Season, seeing changes made to managers, formations, and tactics, as well as a new competition surrounding the Champions League, to mark the start of the last 16 in the real life tournament.

The Champions League, Europe’s premier club competition, is one of the official licenses Konami holds over its main rival in the soccer genre, EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. The new PES 2017 competition, celebrating the start of the round of 16, is part of the myClub section of the title. It allows you to recruit a Special Agent which guarantees you signing a player from any of the last 16 clubs, or any player nominated for UEFA’s Team of the Year with a rating above 80 (very good players.) You can win the Special Agent if you take on, and defeat, one of the competitions qualified clubs.

The constant battle between the two giants of the soccer game genre is consistently won (on sales at least) by FIFA. Konami hopes that by using the licenses that they do own, and making PES as beautiful as possible, that they can begin to chip away at the fan base of their rival. PlayStation 4 Pro owners will be the first to see the benefits of the latest revolution in graphical detail. Further versions of Pro Evolution Soccer will launch at this level.

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