The first Battlefield 1 expansion has received its first teaser image. A tweet from the official Battlefield Twitter account included the image along with the caption “Soyez prêts,” which is French for “Be ready.”

The image shows several French soldiers fighting with some German soldiers in a narrow hallway. Even though many of Battlefield 1’s maps are set in France, the French army is not currently in the game. Based on the image — and its French caption — it looks like not only will the expansion include more maps, but a new playable army as well.

There will be 16 maps added to the game over its lifetime in four expansion packs. So if there is an even split of maps per expansion, then you can expect this one to include four of them. It is not confirmed whether or not all of the new maps will take place in France, but there is certainly a lot to pull from in that region, including the Battle of Verdun.

According to the information listed for the game’s premium pass, the Russian Empire will also be added to the game as a playable army, but it is not known if that will be in this expansion or a later one.

This first expansion, which is titled They Shall Not Pass, is scheduled to release in March, 2017.

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