The fourth installment of Rebellions’ Sniper Elite franchise has just released a trailer revealing the mission available for players if you pre-order a copy of the game. Entitled “Target Fuhrer” it puts you on the outskirts of a sprawling German U-Boat base, with Adolf Hitler himself on the firing line.

Sniper Elite 4 takes the series to Italy during World War 2, and promises to be the largest and most beautiful game in the franchises’ history. The Target Fuhrer bonus content comes alongside 7 exclusive camouflage skins for your weapon, and gives you many different ways to complete your mission.

The teaser trailer only hints at what is in store for your character, as the excellent open-ended style of play will let you decide how best to reach your objective. There will be dozens of enemy troops, and plenty of hazardous environments for you to scope out, and possibly utilize, as you try to take out the leader of the Third Reich.

The full release of the title comes on February 14th, 2017 across all the major platforms, and anyone who purchases the game before that date will have access to the bonus content. As part of the build up to release, Rebellion has given us two other trailers, one a briefing style video outlining the story for the game, and another showing us the brutal gameplay itself, complete with gory internal injuries for some unsuspecting soldiers.

With huge maps and sandbox-style play, Sniper Elite 4 is certainly a game to look out for next year.

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