Last week, Naughty Dog announced that the Survival update for Uncharted 4 would be released very soon. They also stated that we would be able to see all of the new content coming from the update in a special livestream on Twitch. Now this stream has come and gone and with it we saw more than we could have imagined. The Survival update is ready for your copy of Uncharted 4, so let’s take a look at what you can expect.

First, with the new Survival mode, there are a number of new trophies to try and collect. Next, we move on to everything added to Multiplayer. There are 5 new weapons, some of which may seem familiar, as they are from past Uncharted titles. Two new maps have been included, Prison and Trainwreck. You can use both of these to try out the new mode as well, King of the Hill.

There are even more good things with the Survival update for Uncharted 4 and you can see them all on the Twitch archive. There are two more planned multiplayer expansions for the action/adventure title as well. There will also be a Hardcore Mode coming sometime next year. We can only imagine the run and gun action it will bring.

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