Computer graphics are a constantly evolving environment. PC users may be able to boast the top stats when it comes to resolution and frame rate, but the latest generation of consoles are starting to push the boundaries of what is achievable with a games machine. Owning a plush 4K TV opens the possibilities for you to experience the latest that the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro can deliver, but users (especially those from a PC background) still have reservations due to the nature of the “upscaling” that has been given to many of the titles that are marketed as 4K. The advent of Microsoft’s next upgraded console, known as Project Scorpio, seems to be shaping up to end the skepticism.

Rumors have been flying around the community that the new Xbox will still be using upscaling as a technique to reach the desired 4K quality. Enter Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox and leader of the global creative and engineering teams behind Project Scorpio. He was asked on Twitter if the new console will, “still be able to do native 4K on games?” His answer was short and decisive, “Yes.”

Spencer was also asked to explain about the rumors surrounding the “No more native 4K” and to this his response was, “My focus is just on getting games ready to show and play. That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.” It is clear therefore that Spencer and his team at Project Scorpio are satisfied in their ability to deliver players the first genuine 4K gaming experience in the history of consoles.

Project Scorpio has recently received more negative reports surrounding the omission from the official website about the consoles ability to deliver a high-fidelity VR experience. This was also quashed by an insider from Microsoft, without any real explanation as to why mention of the capability was removed.

As the year moves on, and the release of Project Scorpio moves closer, more hearsay and rumors are bound to come out. Until we can get our own glimpse at the capacity the upgraded console has, then rumor and counter-rumor are all that we have to go on.

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