Studio Wildcard has introduced a new patch to ARK: Survival Evolved. This patch, titled Patch 254, gives players a plethora of new technology, creatures, and activities.

The most notable inclusion in the new patch is the end-game technology known simply as TEK. This technology is pure science fiction and would look right at home in Star Trek. Players will be able to build super-powered TEK armour that can run on water and up sheer cliffs, TEK laser guns, and even a TEK Saddle for their favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nothing screams “awesome” more than a giant dinosaur decked out in power armor that can fire beams of electric death.

The patch also includes four new creatures to the world of ARK: the Ovis Aries (a standard run-of-the-mill sheep), the Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit (an early whale), the Purlovias Maxima (an extinct species of proto-mammal), and the Baryonyx Aquafulgur (a semi-aquatic dinosaur). Players will be able to tame these new animals and use them for everything from food to settlement defense. For example, according to the official Patch 254 page, players can raise Ovises for their wool and meat as well as use Purlovias as living landmines.

Furthermore, Patch 254 introduces two new features to the game: hairstyles and jousting. Both of these features are self-explanatory but have been highly requested by players. This new patch has essentially given gamers the ability to compete for glory while sporting a mohawk and riding a Velociraptor. While not as awesome as a giant T-Rex that shoots lasers, this is a close second.

Studio Wildcard will continue to update ARK: Survival Evolved for the foreseeable future. The next patch (outlined in the official patch page) will introduce even more dinosaurs, hairstyles, and TEK items.

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