Ark: Survival Evolved, the dinosaur taming, resource gathering, base building survival game is proving to be a massive success for Studio Wildcard. The PlayStation 4 version launched in a near finished state late last year, some way behind the Xbox One version which has been available for months already. Both are becoming a big success, and now the studio has brought more depth to their title with its latest update.

Revealed on the official website for the game, patch 253 brings five new creatures to the console versions, as well as the introduction of two new and extremely dangerous underwater environments, only for the most intrepid and well equipped of survivors to explore and harvest.

This newest patch brings the PlayStation 4 version up to par with the PC and Xbox One editions. The new addition of procedurally generated maps for the PS4 means players will have an unlimited variety of Arks to explore. The two added, massive underwater environments contain new artifacts and can only be reached by players who have progressed far enough along their journey.

Along with these gameplay and environment tweaks, Studio Wildcard have released the latest batch of exotic creatures for players to encounter and where possible, tame.

  • Cnidaria Omnimorph- Illuminous Jellyfish which cannot be tamed, but can be corralled around your base for stinging deterrent from hostile players.
  • Troodon Magnanimous- A smaller but just as vicious version of the Raptor. It loves to hunt at night.
  • Pegomastax Fructarator- Benign herbivore with a strange beaked, tusked and feathery appearance. Good scavengers of berries and wild seeds.
  • Tusoteuthis Vampyrus- A giant Vampire Squid that crushes and drinks the blood of its victims. Tamable at great risk for its unique ink.
  • Therizinosaurus Multiensis- Useful bipedal herbivore to have as part of your tribe. Giant claws can be used for resource gathering as well as deadly attacking.

The team at Studio Wildcard are ceaselessly working at tweaking, improving and adding to Ark: Survival Evolved. This is just the latest in a very long line of updates designed to bring more and more depth to its title. By the time its official release date actually comes around, Ark: Survival Evolved will already be loved by many players across the world.

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