Phil Spencer has spoken out on why Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is not on  the list of backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One.

On Twitter, Phil Spencer was asked: ” Can you confirm one of the Call of Duty’s for BC please?” Spencer responded by stating: “We confirm third party games in BC with the 3Ps approval, so I can’t but know that we care about the voted on list.”

Spencer received another message as well: “Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2 would be so cool for backcompat. Hopefully the Xbox team is seeing the votes/requests.” Spencer stated: “Oh I see them, I see them daily on Twitter. Team knows that a lot of people are passionate about these 2 in BC.”

Finally, someone stated: “Wow he replied! Nice.” Spencer replied: “Please don’t take my lack of response on BO2 as a lack of caring, I really want to see this come to BC.”

Seven new games were recently added to the backwards compatible list of games. Last week, Strania, The Splatters, Scrap Metal, Ghostbusters, Dragon Age: Origins, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3 were announced to now be backwards compatible. If a gamer already owns one these titles on the Xbox 360, the game should show up on their Xbox One library. If the games are not owned physically, they can be purchased digitally on the Xbox Store.

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