Buffs are on the way for Bastion in Overwatch.

On the Battle.net forums, Principal Designer Geoff Goodman spoke on some of the changes for Bastion that Blizzard is working on. In his Recon Mode, Bastion will have lowered spread and an increase in magazine size. For his Sentry Mode, Blizzard is looking to make the mode into more of a tank-buster and barrier-buster, while making it feel less suicidal to be transformed. Goodman stated that they are testing things like increased spread and removing headshots, but taking less damage while transformed.

Goodman also announced that there will be changes to Bastion’s Self-Repair. Currently, the team has Bastion being able to use Self-Repair while moving, while also having it not being interrupted while taking damage. To balance that, Self-Repair will now be on a resource system. Goodman said that Blizzard are still testing and tweaking things with Bastion, and that they will hopefully have a PTR build soon.

Bastion is not the only one to be receiving buffs in Overwatch. It was recently announced that D.Va will have be receiving a buff as well. Currently, her defense matrix will not block shots until they are a very small distance from the muzzle of the gun that shot them. In the next patch, this will be changed so that projectiles will be killed directly out of the muzzle.

Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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