The Call of Duty World League has made additions to their European tournament line up for the year. These events are dedicated to the large number of players across the country and serves as key events on their road to qualify for the CWL Championship later this year.

The events include the CWL London (Jan. 28-29), CWL Paris Open (Feb. 17-19), followed by the CWL Birmingham Open (Apr. 14-16), and finally, the CWL Sheffield Open (Jun. 24-25). While some of these events are only available to European players, the CWL has not forgotten about their players from other parts of the world.

The CWL Paris Open will allow teams from across the globe to compete against each other for a chance at their share of a prize pool totaling over $100,000. CWL Pro Points will also be awarded to the winners, which will help them qualify for both the Global Pro League and Championship later this year.

The Call of Duty World League is presented by PlayStation, who has partnered with the Major League Gaming to organize and broadcast many of the events that take place throughout the year. With the addition of these events, players will have more opportunities to compete on the CWL world stage this year.

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