New game modes, playlists, and other additions are headed to Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2, with some already available for players to try out. In a post on the Halo website, 343 highlights Halo Wars 2’s new Blitz mode, Halo 5’s “Warlords” Warzone playlist, and a special REQ pack for longtime Halo fans.

The post begins with the announcement that Halo Wars 2 has opened beta testing for the new Blitz game mode. The test is available to all Windows 10 and Xbox One owners until January 30th. Blitz mode combines digital CCG deck building with classic RTS unit movement and combat. Units and abilities are represented by cards, and different cards have different energy costs. Players have to build decks that balance low-cost infantry units with high-cost juggernautsto to have any hope of winning in Blitz mode.

343 also highlights the upcoming “Warlords” Warzone playlist. As with the Halo Wars 2 Blitz mode beta, this playlist is currently available to gamers for testing purposes and will also only last until January 30th. The playlist is designed to provide players larger “Fireteams” (i.e., teams of players), specifically 12-man Fireteams. The “Warlords” Warzone playlist will also offer bonus XP to participating players and will help the devs at 343 Studios determine how to improve the playlist for a future release.

The final bit of big news should please longtime Halo fans. On February 9th, the Classic Helmet REQ pack will finally be released. This pack will include the Military Police, Recon Gen1, EVA Gen1, Security Gen1, Operator Gen1, EOD, CQB, Pilot, and Master Chief’s iconic Mark V Delta helmets.

Halo 5

While the above events and updates are the most prominent announced, several more, albeit less important, updates are also on the way. These include this weekend’s bonus XP events (one for Warzone mode and one for Arena mode) and changes to the REQ system.

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