The realistic and adrenaline filled Dirt series of racing games has won itself many fans throughout the franchises history. The latest version of the hit off-road racer, Dirt 4, will be releasing onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC June 9th. It promises to bring us to a new level of graphics, accuracy and speed, along with the introduction of the awesome looking crosskart.

The announcement was made via the developer’s website. Their pedigree in this genre goes way back to the days of the top down racing era, with the fabulous Micro-Machines game, as well as the predecessor to the Dirt series, Colin McRae Rally. Codemasters details the real life talent they assembled in the production of the game, including two professional rally drivers Kris Meeke and Petter Solberg, along with Solberg’s son who has aspirations in the sport himself. With their input, Codemasters believe they have nailed the experience of zooming your high powered machine through challenging and dangerous courses set around the globe.

Dirt 4 promises players new features such as the inventive Your Stage option, where a rally stage is generated at random, with over a billion different combinations. This can then be played and replayed to your hearts content, letting you set your fastest time before sharing your unique stage among your friends, for them to then give it their best shot, in a challenge of who is fastest. Dirt 4 also sees the debut of a new vehicle known as the crosskart, which may prove as fun to drive as it could be challenging.

Posting on the PlayStation Blog, Senior Community Manager Christina McGrath explains, “Dirt 4’s all about the adrenaline rush, the thrill, and the danger of off-road racing — and more than that, it’s about loving that exhilaration. Whether you’re pushing flat out on the side of a cliff, or seeing how much air you can get in a truck, Dirt 4 is about driving forward in the face of adversity, as fast as you can. With our new technology, added realism, expanded content, and multiplayer modes, Dirt 4’s set to be our biggest and boldest Dirt game yet.”

If the developers promises are to believed, Dirt 4 looks and sounds to be the most complete rally racing experience ever released. With new locations, including 5 in the USA, new online features, authentic voice talent for racing mode and practice arena, as well as the finest tuning of graphics and handling that Codemasters have produced, it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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