Final Fantasy XV’s photo feature is a cute little thing to end each day with in-game. You go through Prompto’s hilarious outtakes, with intermingled actual good shots. But what if it was more interactive? Square Enix is releasing a patch that does just that. Players will be able to take their own photos.

Apparently it’s very important that players be able to supply themselves with their own brand of “back-of-Noct’s-head” and “party-members-clipping-through-terrain” photos, because Prompto’s weren’t good enough.

The new update for the game, set to release January 24th, will give players the ability to take photos whenever they want outside of battle. It will also include the previously teased limited time Moogle Chocobo Carnival, a holiday pack of photo frames, and a Choco-Mog tee for Noctis. Season pass holders with get a bigger pack of frames, and a “Festive Ensemble” for Noct. Since it’s past the holidays, it’s hard to tell if these will just be late Christmas items, or early Valentines ones.

The patch notes for the January 24th patch were originally released on the Japanese Square Enix website, and later translated and summarized by gaming website Gematsu. It seems Square is keeping their promise to keep the game updated in 2017.

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