It’s a new month, we’re hitting the end times for the DLC packs every month as the penultimate bundle is unleashed into the western hunting community. Here’s what’s in store for DLC owners:

  • Monster Fest 7: Hunt a Beserk Tetsucabra and Rathian
  • Challenge Quest 10: Hunt down a Pink Rathian
  • Bug Hunters Inc.: Knock out 50 giant Bnahabra
  • Poison Pinch: Hunt Iodrome, Purple Gypceros and a Nerscylla
  • Fan Club: Ashes to Ashes: Beat down an Ash Kecha Wecha that unlocks Fan Club bamboo long sword & Fan Club track suit armor
  • Super Smash Monsters: Hunt Tidal Najarala, Lagombi, and the Desert Seltas and Desert Seltas Queen
  • Small Mountain to Scale: Conquer a small Berserk Tetsucabra and a small Blue Yian Kut Ku
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Shark: Defeat the Zamtrios and Tiger Zamtrios duo
  • Hear no Evil, See no Evil:  Hunt the Emerald Congalala, Kecha Wecha and Furious Rajang to unlock the GX Hunter armor set
  • Hunter’s Log: Yian Kut Ku: Defeat at least two Yian Kut Ku to unlock the Miss. MH Puppet sword and shield, Teddy Bear hammer, Frilly Pink Parasol light bowgun, Chaos Shroom helm and Acorn helm
  • Hunter’s Log: Rath: Hunt down a Rathian & Rathalos to unlock the Palico set ‘Melodic armor’ and the hunter’s ‘Palico Bro’ helmet and finally the Commemoration great sword

All of this is completely free to owners of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS just like every other DLC that has been released. As mentioned in the video by Yuri, the DLC packs will officially end next week. This doesn’t mean access to these DLC packs will cease, but the Capcom team will focus on content for Monster Hunter X.

There are some magnificent little gimmick items to pick up for Guild quest players, nothing too serious but the content is still free and the game is enjoyable as long as the community still exists. And Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s community will still thrive for a while yet!

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