The name Final Fantasy rings true as one of the gaming world’s most iconic franchises. Whether you are an expert in role-playing games or not, there is no denying this fact. Much like Star Wars in the world of film, Final Fantasy seems to be taking  its rightful place at the top again, after some time off, with the release of XV. It’s time to look forward to the next major release, not too far in the future.

The Final Fantasy XII remaster, The Zodiac Age, has been confirmed to release on July 11th in North America and Europe. Those in Japan will have to wait until the 13th. While this title will obviously feature update graphics, other improvements include a new soundtrack, auto-saving, shorter load times, a new Trail Mode, and best of all the Zodiac Job System.

This 12 job progression system was only include in the original Japanese release of Final Fantasy XII, but now it is being brought to the rest of the world. The news of the July release date came from celebration of Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary today. While there is sure to be a number of great titles in the continued future of this franchise, a return to Ivalice is truly something to hold dear.

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