Console players will be able to play a short trial of Watch Dogs 2 for free.

A free three-hour trial of Watch Dogs 2 will be available for download starting January 17th on the PlayStation 4, and January 24th on the Xbox One. This trial will give players full access to all of the game’s features, including co-op and multiplayer. Players will have access to the full game, and can spend those three hours however they want. If players want to buy the game at any time, any progress made during the free trial will transfer over to the full game.

Watch Dogs 2 recently received an update. The update brought with it a number of changes and fixes. One of the major changes that were made included the algorithm of the game’s fog, as its appearance will now be different than before. Another major change was made to the .50 Cal sniper rifle, which was thought to be too overpowered. The weapon was nerfed, with the number of rounds for the weapon dropping from 6 to 1. The developers of the game stated that they will keep an eye on it. The update also fixed a number of minor bugs.

Watch Dogs 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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