Between the Halo franchise, Gears of War, Crackdown, and many more, Microsoft and their Xbox consoles have a lot to offer to all game players in the world. While the Xbox One has been around for a few years now, the Xbox One S was released less than a year ago. On its initial release, there were a number of bundles that quickly gained in popularity. Microsoft is giving everyone more options with great new bundles to start off the new year.

Halo, a likely candidate for most popular series on Xbox, will release its second real time strategy title, Halo Wars 2, next month. To help promote this release, Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Bundle. At $349.99, it comes complete with a 1TB Xbox One S, Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition, Wireless Controller, and a 14 day trial membership to Xbox Live Gold. You can pre-order this bundle now at most retailers before its release on February 17th.

Available now, however, is the Xbox One S Forza Horizon 3 Bundle. There is both a 1TB and 500GB version for $349.99 and $299.99, respectively. It comes included with everything in the Halo Wars 2 bundle, except the featured game is obviously Forza Horizon 3, instead of the new RTS from 343 Industries.

If you’re thinking about being a new Xbox One S owner, you have a lot to choose from in the upcoming weeks. Either way, you can’t lose.

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