With Square Enix teaming up with Io-Interactive to take on the task of rebooting the Hitman series, it seems they came out on top. The task does not end with one episodic game though. There is very little doubt that a Season Two will most likely be in the works very soon. In the meantime, a physical release of the entire first season of Hitman will be arriving next week. With it comes more challenge then ever before.

A new Professional difficulty will be added to Hitman when the physical release and latest update arrive on January 31st. Playing as Agent 47 and taking out your targets will now have you being much more cautious than before. As part of this difficulty, NPCs will notice suspicious items you are carrying, making your disguises even more important when going on specific missions. There will also be new rules to the security cameras and a limited number of saved games.

You’ll have to unlock the Professional difficulty in Hitman but reaching Master Level 20 in all locations. This new difficulty setting will be available for all main Story mission, excluding the Prologue. Think you have what it takes to accept this challenge? You’ll have to find out on January 31st.

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