While there were a number of differences between the original titles and the most recent take on the series, Square Enix did a fine job representing what people love about Hitman. It even improved on some features that brought the franchise into a bit of a hiatus. Traveling to different areas around the world is certainly an artistic appeal. Now these settings will look better than ever.

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, seems to be a new wave coming into the world of gaming. With it, each title gets a wider range of lighting, creating a variety of luminosity that depicts a more realistic view of the computer generated world in front of you. For Hitman, this can be a game changer in the eyes of the player. That is why, come January 31st, HDR support will arrive the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, and PC version of the this action packed adventure.

The announcement came from a tweet posted by the official Hitman Twitter today. The timing of this release couldn’t be any more perfect, as it coincides with the arrival of the physical version of the compete first season. If anyone is late to playing this episodic adventure, January 31st is definitely the day to catch up.

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