Blizzard has released a first look at the upcoming Diablo III patch 2.4.3, which will include an Anniversary event, class and item updates, updates to Greater Rifts, and quality of life updates.

For the month of January, players can experience a throwback to the events of the original Diablo in the game’s latest patch. Everything from enemies to familiar sounds and items will be brought to life through the Diablo III engine. Transmogrification rewards, achievements, and other extras can be found in the depths of the pixelated dungeon.

Patch 2.4.3 will also bring along with it a number of updates to several Legendary and Set Items, including new Legendary powers. You can see some of the items being updated here. Quality of life changes are being made as well. Leaping enemies can now be killed in mid-air. Enemies with unattackable phases will spend less time avoiding players and more time baring their fangs. There will be tweaks to several enemy affixes. Finally, dyes will now be held by Myriam the Mystic.

There will also be revisions to the Greater Rifts. Monster distribution will be spread out more evenly. Also, the size of each floor is now more consistent. Rifts should take between two to four floors in order to clear. The tile types will vary more frequently, making it less likely to see the same floors follow each other back-to-back. Finally, those who avoid death in a Greater Rift will be rewarded with an additional chance to upgrade their Legendary Gems.

Diablo III is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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