The long running and highly successful franchise of Metroid has appeared on nearly every Nintendo console since its original release way back in 1986. During a recent interview with GameSpot, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has hinted at a possible return of the much loved space platformer for this years upcoming Nintendo Switch console.

Fils-Aime mentions the games Mother and Metroid, admitting that notice board feedback and fan requests do not fall on deaf ears at Nintendo. He states, “We really have a good understanding of what our consumers want,” and admits that Nintendo “take that to heart as we work to create content.” He goes as far as to say, “There are some key IP that consumers just can’t wait for the next true installment in that franchise’s legacy.”

Metroid has had 11 iterations since its first release, and has proven to be one of Nintendo’s biggest selling games, shipping over 17 million copies since launch. The gaming community has had mixed feelings about the newest console from the Japanese computer giant, namely the line-up of release software. Having projects like Metroid in development for later in the life-cycle of the Nintendo Switch may help its chances of becoming a long lasting success, rather than the commercial disappointment of its predecessor, the Wii U.

There will surely be a firmer announcement down the road regarding the adventures of Samus and the Galactic Federation, if the tease from Fils-Aime is to be realized. For the time being though, prospective buyers of the Switch will have to make do with the confirmed releases. Along with revealing the console will release on March 3 for $299, Nintendo also announced a number of games, including the amazing looking Super Mario Odyssey.

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