Blizzard seems to be slipping in small additional things to Overwatch more often than before. New voice lines are popping up on the Overwatch public test realm with the patch right after New Years, including pregame New Years Resolutions from a lot of characters, and new lines involving Genji and a great love of chocolate we haven’t heard of before.

Genji and Mercy have two new interactions in the public test realm, the first being Mercy offering Swiss chocolates to Genji, to which he politely asks if she would eat some with him. Fans think this might be Blizzard reacting to people wanting them to get together. The second has Genji offering Mercy “not Swiss” chocolates, using her real name, to which she relies with a sigh and “I suppose it will have to do”. The third Genji chocolate line has Genji asking Hanzo if he has any chocolates, to which Hanzo replies “Those were your amusements, not mine.”

The heroes who got New Years resolutions lines are D.VaJunkratLucioMeiPharahReinhardtSoldier 76WidowmakerWinston, and Zarya.

Everyone has pretty normal or happy resolutions except for resident grumps, Soldier 76 and Widowmaker, who both brush off the idea, with Widowmaker laughing, and 76 simply saying he stopped making them a long time ago.

These little additions to the game make the characters more human and interesting, and hopefully Blizzard continues to grow the world of Overwatch in similar ways.

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