The Overwatch Winter Premiere Live Finals will be headed to the PAX Arena this year. Next Generation Esports has teamed up with Twitch to bring the event to PAX South in San Antonio, bringing with it some of the game’s best players from around North America as they go head-to-head against each other during the two day long event. Tickets are now available for the convention.

The Overwatch Winter Premiere is the conclusion of a series of multi-month, open, online tournaments that have been going on in the region. We are currently in the third week of these tournaments where we will see eSport teams Renegades, CompLexity Gaming, Immortals, Luminosity, Kungarna, and Team Liquid battle it out as they fight for one of four spots in the Winter Premiere.

According to Co-founder and CEO at NGE, Andy Vander Woude,“The Winter Premiere was designed to highlight the best talent of Overwatch in North America. It’s only fitting to bring these all-star teams to the PAX Arena stage, where their effort and talent can be celebrated by an even wider audience.”

The Overwatch Winter Premiere is expected to give fans the ultimate live Overwatch experience from both the area as well as the comfort of their homes. The event is set to take place at the PAX Arena on January 27th. It will also be broadcasted over Twitch on NGE’s official channel as well as the PAX Arena’s channel.

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