A new hero will soon be headed to Paragon. Epic Games as announced that Serath, their newest hero will be added to the free-to-play MOBA game soon.

Serath is a melee carry who specializes in using both light and dark based abilities to keep enemies in range of her most devastating attacks. Her overall design also highlights this split between these abilities. The company has also released a video showing off just what Serath can do. There is a breakdown of her abilities on the game’s official website as well. Paragon’s newest hero is expected to shake things up for the game when she releases next week. With the release of Serath the game will have a total of 26 different heroes.

New heroes are added to Paragon every three weeks and are free to every player who downloads the game. Paragon recently received a new update last month. The Monolith Update not only featured gameplay changes and adjustments to certain heroes in the game, but also a new map. The update allows for a more fast paced experience and the ability for players to have more versatility to their overall style of gameplay. Serath is expected to release on January 10th.

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