The free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game Paragon has been given a major new update. Dubbed the “Monolith Update” by developers Epic Games, it covers everything from gameplay changes to a new map with a new, smaller size.

Paragon boasts itself as being a genuinely free game, with the full roster of heroes available to all players. New heroes are added every 3 weeks, and the Monolith Update has tweaked all of the currently available 25 characters. The developers have put a lot of thought and work into patch V.35, drawing inspiration from community feedback, testing and learning experiences. They go as far as to state on the games blog that, “We are confident that this new version of Paragon will deliver a faster, more visceral gameplay experience that you’d expect from an action game while retaining all of the meta game and strategy of a competitive MOBA.”

The extensive full list of patch notes can be found here, but Epic Games state the major changes as:

  • Every Hero updated.
  • New, compact map.
  • Faster, more action-oriented gameplay.
  • Over 100 updates to cards.
  • Changes to armor/damage.
  • Still a MOBA.

Paragon as a game is changing all the time, and although the Monolith Update may be the most wide reaching of patches since release, Epic Games still plans to keep working on the title by bringing out new ability star cards and heroes from time to time. They admit these massive changes may take regular players a few goes to get used to, but if you are new to the world of the Online Battle Arena game, perhaps now is the best time to try it out for yourself. And remember, it’s free.

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