Playdead, makers of Inside and Limbo, both creepy, though-provoking, puzzling side-scrollers, has announced via the company Twitter that since the release of their last game, Inside, they’ve been working on their “next adventure”.

The teaser in the tweet is pretty ominous. It seems to be a figure in a flight suit, space or otherwise, dragging their parachute behind them, while watching either a meteor or their burning ship fall in the distance. Whether they’re on another planet or Earth remains to be seen, so hopefully we get a couple more images soon to keep the speculation going, not that the speculation is due to stop anytime soon, based on the comments on the announcement.

The first teaser image for Inside showed the protagonist dragging something too; a pig. It’s a cute bit of continuity on Playdead’s part. The news that they’ve been working on this since the release of Inside, which came out on June 29, 2016, whether it’s true or not, shows that Playdead isn’t done giving us the creeps any time soon.

Limbo and Inside, the studio’s previous products, were well received by both fans and reviewers, with Inside receiving a rare 10/10 from Gamespresso and many others. It’s safe to say that this mysterious third project is something fans are looking forward to.

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