At the Tokyo Fan Fast 2016, fans were given a look at some beautiful concept art for an upcoming fan favorite class in Final Fantasy XIV; The Red Mage. New items teased include a new raid and a diving system.

Apparently with Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood we’ll be getting the jack-of-all-trades Red Mage. It’s likely that it will be a DPS class with some utility, making the class work well in an MMO setting. Based on video from the gathering, Red Mage will be a caster that wields a rapier, and won’t have a very long range.

A Fan Fest interview also confirmed a swimming/diving system that will apparently not allow for underwater combat. Players will be able to swim and enjoy the beautiful waters of their favorite beaches, whether they’re included the expansion or not, like Costa Del Sol. Swimming will be necessary for certain quests, and they won’t say if there will be underwater towns to visit. There will be no breath bar, and players can interact with the environment, NPCs, and even gather underwater.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is set to release June 20th 2017, with new areas, mechanics, and 2 new jobs like the last expansion.

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