Calling all true believers! Grab your mystical hammers, adamantium shields, and gamma bombs, because a new Avengers video game is being created by Square Enix and Marvel.

Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix have both announced that they are teaming up to make multiple games, starting with an Avengers project. Each company’s Twitter announcement features a trailer that, while visually impressive, does not show any gameplay.

The trailer shows destroyed locations and various Avengers paraphernalia strewn about the rubble (i.e., Bruce Banner’s glasses, Iron Man’s repulsors, Captain America’s shield, and Mjolnir). Sadly, we do not know if these scenes are vital to the game’s plot or if they were made specifically for the trailer. All that has been revealed about the game is that Crystal Dynamics (the Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain franchises) and Eidos Montreal (the Deus Ex franchise and Thief reboot) are handling the development.

This upcoming Avengers game is not the first time such a project has been attempted. In 2010, the now-defunct publisher THQ tried to make a first-person co-op game where players would team up to fight off the invading forces of the shapeshifting Skrulls.

For more news on this upcoming Avengers project and the future Marvel/Square Enix games, stick with Gamespresso.

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