Nintendo feels that the upcoming Switch will not struggle the same way that the Wii U did.

Speaking to GameSpot, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stated that the company has thought about why the Wii U failed, citing two specific reasons. The first was that Nintendo did not effectively communicate the novelty of the Wii U, and the systems tablet-like controller. The second was that there was not a steady flow of compelling titles. For Nintendo’s upcoming system, Fils-Aime believes that Nintendo has done a better job of communicating what the Switch is, and that there will not be a lack of strong games.

“Nintendo Switch is a home console you can play anywhere, with anyone. Clear. Compelling,” states Fils-Aime. “We see the reaction by consumers whether it’s measured in Twitter trending topics or views of videos on YouTube or just the frequency with which I get called by old high school buddies that I haven’t heard from in 30 years who are asking me how to get their hands on Nintendo Switch. We have communicated the proposition clearly and it is compelling.”

Fils-Aime also stated that strong games coming out frequently is a crucial component to selling consoles. “Wii U will go down as having fantastic content — the issue was as you look at the reality of exactly when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between.” According to Fils-Aime, the Switch will have a “steady cadence of content.”

The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd. The system will have a suggested retail price of $299.99.

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