A Thai gaming channel on YouTube by the name of NGIN has leaked what they’re calling a “tutorial video” of Horizon Zero Dawn, showing off different mechanics of the game, complete with a diagram of which buttons to press to make it happen.

It’s an informative video, even if you can’t read Thai, and the first half of the video shows off some great mechanics and gadgets that Aloy has. You can dash with the circle button, crouch or slide with square, and interact with fallen enemies to loot with triangle. Aloy also has explosive traps that look like balloons, and the ability to call what looks to be a mechanical moose to ride. Horizon Zero Dawn will also feature potions, and herbs to pick in order to craft them.

The video also features a scanning function that highlights machines, and gives a name and whether or not they’re hostile, along with the ability to tag them on your map for easier tracking. The scanner also can show the path of certain creatures with a trail of purple arrows.

We also get a glimpse at the quest system, and the different ways you can approach combat, whether it be take downs, traps, an electrified pike, or tripping the enemy with ropes. Certain enemies will have parts of them, that when shot or slashed, may explode and do extra damage.

The video is worth a watch, especially since the game play is still shown in English, allowing you to get a sneak peak at item names and quest objectives.

Horizon Zero Dawn is set to release February 28th for PlayStation 4.

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