After the game’s entire DLC schedule was pushed back late last year, Ubisoft is back on track and has released a teaser trailer giving us a glimpse of the next DLC for The Division. Entitled Last Stand-Expansion III, Ubisoft gave a full reveal this morning via the game’s official Twitch channel.

The trailer shows two teams facing off in a derelict and run down battlescape, which to all who know, is clearly the Dark Zone. The teaser ends with a dangerous looking robot sentry gun being deployed by one of the team members.

Other areas can be seen, such as city streets piled high with what looks like bodies in bags, a quarantine station that has clearly seen better days due to dead people hanging from the roof, and some kind of theater which has been re-fitted to include a conveyor belt. These are all bound to be part of the newest expansion, as players will be able to explore Dark Zone North in PvP and PvE type gameplay.

From the subsequent Twitch livestream, we now know that the expansion will focus on 8v8, structured, competative multiplayer and will not see an increase to gear scores. As we learn more, keep checking back here on Gamespresso.

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