Along with announcing the game will launch in May, Deck13 has just released a new trailer for its upcoming title, The Surge. This trailer provides some much needed backstory to the dystopian cyborg apocalypse game.

The Surge’s trailer introduces audiences to CREO (pronounced Kree-Oh), a company that specializes in helping heal the world as well as top-of-the-line robotics and cybernetics. The protagonist of the game, Warren, is a new employee at CREO and must undergo a mandatory surgery to graft a cybernetic exoskeleton onto his body, followed by a painful drilling to the back of his head. According to Creative Director Jan Klose, posting on the PlayStation Blog, the event (the titular “Surge”) that turns every robot and cyborg at CREO into rogue entities out for blood coincides with Warren’s surgery. “This disastrous event marks the first in a series of brutal events, turning this first day at CREO into a hellish nightmare of robots gone haywire, crazed employees with fried cranial implants, and artificial intelligence that all wants Warren dead,” Klose explains.

The Surge is a Souls-like game with a sci-fi twist. The game’s combat revolves around targeting specific body parts on your enemies. By attacking these body parts, players can alter what loot they will receive, thereby allowing players to make their equipment fit their playstyle and not the other way around. Deck13’s previous foray into the Souls genre was Lords of the Fallen, a grim and gritty RPG that had a lackluster story but was praised for its combat.

The Surge is scheduled to release in May for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

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