With the release of NieR: Automata less than a month away, fans have been bombarded with information and gameplay footage to keep them informed and excited for the game’s upcoming release.

To add to the constant flow of content, PlayStation has released a video containing over 25 minutes of gameplay from the game. This footage shows off just what players can expect when they pick up NieR: Automata next month.

Nier: Automata takes place during the 14th Machine War where players are tasked with aiding the resistance as they do what they can to win the war. Along with the game’s main campaign, there are a number of side quests and hidden treasures scattered around the harsh dystopian world.

The game features a combo oriented combat system where players can switch freely between four weapon types, depending on the situation. This system is supported by a unique leveling system that allows players to customize their toolset as they see fit. With the multitude of gameplay mechanics and an interesting cast of characters and environments, Nier: Automata is shaping up to be a great experience for fans of action RPGs.

The game is set to release in North America on March 7th for PS4 and PC. A demo for the game is also available on Sony’s PlayStation Network.

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