Ubisoft has given some new details on the upcoming Watch Dogs 2 DLC pack, titled Human Conditions, which will release on February 21 across all platforms.

The DLC pack will have quite a bit of new content, featuring three new multi-mission operations that will be added to the game’s story, as well as several new villains for you and your crew to hunt. In a teaser video for the DLC (which you can check out below) we are told that in addition to new missions there will also be “substantial story-arcs,” as well as new enemies and completely new areas.

On the official PlayStation Blog, Fabian Salomon, a producer on the Human Conditions DLC, spoke about another new feature in the DLC, the Elite Co-op challenge: “The Elite Co-op challenge is a brand new harder mission designed to be a lot more challenging than the one in the base game. In this new challenge, DedSec is trying to learn more about, and stop, a new group of hackers called Hooks. They are making deals with criminal groups all across the bay, and they are packing a punch! Unlike regular co-op missions, they take place in much larger parts of the world, blurring the lines between the open world and the mission area.”

Human Conditions will be available to download on February 21 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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