EA is betting that Mass Effect: Andromeda will sell extremely well. In fact, EA is so sure of the game’s success that the company claims it will sell over 3 million copies of the game in just a few days.

According to a VG247 article, EA executive Blake Jorgensen claims 30-50% of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s lifetime sales will take place in the new fiscal quarter/year that coincidentally takes place a few days after the game’s release. Jorgensen reasons that since Mass Effect 3 sold over 6 million copies, Mass Effect: Andromeda will likely sell 3 million copies in the new fiscal quarter.

Mass Effect: Andromeda stands to potentially live up to Jorensen’s prediction. The game is already winning players over with its lack of a season pass and a multiplayer that rewards them with single player rewards, as well as the RPG freedom and in-depth crafting system that were sorely missing in previous titles. If BioWare manages to create a worthwhile experience with memorable characters, dialogue, and events, not only does EA stand to sell over 3 million copies, but we may very well see the beginning of a new Mass Effect franchise.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release March 21st for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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