Guild Wars 2’s Living Story has been barreling towards a large confrontation all of season 3, and players are about to face a hard choice in February 7th’s patch, “The Head of the Snake”. Enjoy Divinity’s Reach while you have the chance, because the trailer is suggesting that some nasty stuff is about to go down in the human capital; there’s even talk of regicide.

As the title suggests, this feels like the final fight against the White Mantle in their new form. The Guild Wars 2 official Tumblr has given us posters that are both for and against Queen Jennah, with two words that old-school Guild Wars players remember with glee, “Obey” and “Dismantle”. In Prophecies, this patch signaled a huge regime change for Kryta, with the rightful Krytan queen, Salma, kicking out the cult-like White Mantle, and it’s looking a lot like this one will be doing the opposite.

The Head of the Snake will also be introducing a new raid wing to help wrap up the Bloodstone Fen storyline. “Bastion of the Penitent” will throw raiders through the mysterious portal opened at the Bloodstone explosion, and pit them against 4 horrific bosses that guard the secrets of the White Mantle.

To celebrate such a huge patch, ArenaNet is offering Heart of Thorns, the expansion that’s necessary to own to have access to this new content, for 50% off, coming to $25 USD,  until February 8th, the day after the patch has dropped.

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