Knights versus Vikings versus Samurai sounds like an exciting mix in the soon to be released third-person action fighter, For Honor. We have just been given an action packed launch trailer to enjoy from developers Ubisoft which shows us some of the stunning battlescapes and weapons we can look forward to utilizing.

The trailer comes just days before the game’s 14th February release date. There is an open-beta event happening right now, which you can try for free to get a feel for the sword swinging, club smashing, ax wielding title. The beta event is just a small portion of the full title, which is set to include a full-blown story mode as well as many different game modes to challenge your abilities to the limit against AI and other players in epic size battles.

The trailer shows us glimpses of impressive looking castles and landscapes, as well as war machines like battering rams and ballistas. These look impressive enough, but what must be the key aspect of the game’s appeal is the one to one combat itself. If Ubisoft have managed to nail the mechanics of blocking, attacking and counter attacking, then For Honor could prove to be a highly enjoyable and successful game.

For Honor has already seen a closed beta event which has helped Ubisoft iron out any bugs and glitches in the software, such as lowering the latency kick time, and weakening of the Warlord class for the Vikings. These small issues have now been addressed by the developers, leading to a more competitive and even contest.

For Honor launches across all major platforms from February 14th. To stay updated on the latest news surrounding For Honor, such as which faction is getting all the glory, then be sure to check back to Gamespresso.

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