Despite the fact that it was released in 2015, Halo 5 is supported by developer 343 Industries with new content on a regular basis. The most recent addition to the game is the Classic Helmet Req Pack, which contains nine different spartan helmets that you’ll likely remember from previous Halo games. 343 celebrated its release with a trailer (which you can check out below) in their weekly update blog post on Halo Waypoint.

The Classic Helmet Req Pack will cost either 150,000 RP (Req Points) or $10. The nine helmets are only sold as a bundle, so even if you only want one, you’ll have to buy the whole pack. The pack can be purchased within the game itself as well as on the Halo 5 Req Store on Halo Waypoint.

These are the nine helmets that are included in the pack, as well as their respective rarity:

  • Mark V Delta (Legendary)
  • Military Police (Ultra Rare)
  • Recon Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • EVA Gen 1 (Ultra Rare)
  • Security Gen 1 (Rare)
  • Operator (Rare)
  • EOD (Rare)
  • CQB (Rare)
  • Pilot (Rare)

The Classic Helmet pack follows 343 Industries’ philosophy of giving away new maps and modes free of cost but charging for cosmetic items and other additions that don’t affect gameplay. Last year, as part of the Monitor’s Bounty Update, they released the Voices of War Pack for $10, which adds three alternate multiplayer announcers from within the Halo universe.

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