Before there was Call of Duty, Overwatch, or any other modern shooter played these days, there was a genre known as shoot’em ups. These were games like Galaga, Gradius, R-Type, and many more. Stages were filled with hundreds of enemies and lasers flying everywhere. It was up to you and some helpful power-ups to take out as many as you could and survive. Hyper Sentinel is a game on Kickstarter looking to bring back the classic genre, and it looks like it will be a great success.

Having opened the campaign for Hyper Sentinel on Kickstarter a little over a week ago, the team at Huey Games probably did not predict just how well it would do on the crowd funding market. The shooter already hit %50 of its goal within the first 24 hours. With only 17 days to go, as of the time this article is written, it has reached over %100 with 17 days left to go.

With this gorgeous and intense pixel art shoot’em up being fully funded, it will be released on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. You can still check out the Hyper Sentinel Kickstarter page if you wish to support it some more and help get to one of the stretch goals, such as many of the separate graphics modes. The classic space shoot’em up is coming back in a big way.

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