Blizzard has teamed up with UK clothing company, Wild Bangarang, to bring an all new line of clothing out based on World of Warcraft. They plan to release a collection of leggings, enforcers, blitz shirts, dresses and skirts this July from the website and through select Blizzard channels. Pre order start this month so head on over to their site to keep an eye on that. There’s also plans for more collections to be released in future inspired by the game and individual characters.

Formed in 2014, Wild Bangarang, are a fairly new company based in East Sussex. “Creating a clothing line for World of Warcraft is particularly exciting, as David Pearson and I have both been avid World of Warcraft gamers for a number of years,” said Adam Jay, co-director and founder of Wild Bangarang. “We can’t wait to get designing and already have some really great ideas which Azerothians are sure to enjoy.”

Adding to their already awesome catalogue of clothing based on iconic franchises and original ideas, Wild Bangarang are sure to bring a new level of style to World of Warcraft players. Be sure to check back here next month when we take a look at what they’ve got to offer!

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